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Fuel price questions and the RV industry

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RVIA Offers Facts to Address Fuel Price Questions

With gas prices continuing to climb through the Spring, RVIA has collected positive data and RV travel savings information for industry members to use in responding to media questions that may be asked in the coming months.

With the onset of the summer RV travel season, these facts are also suitable for consumer marketing communications.  The information will continue to be updated as RVIA conducts future research and gathers more data.  Please visit RVIA.org for the most up-to-date version.

•   RV travel is a great value. The PKF Vacation Cost comparison study shows that a family of four can save 26-to-71% on vacation costs depending on the type of trip and type of RV used.  More than 80% of RV owners say their RV vacations cost less than other forms of vacation.

•   The latest Campfire Canvass survey of RV owners reveals that 53% intend to use their RVs more this spring/summer despite higher fuel prices. Another 38% say they’ll use their RVs the same amount.

•   Many RV owning families plan to take shorter but more frequent trips in their RVs. 63% plan to spend five or more weekends in their RVs this spring/summer. 19% will reserve a seasonal site at a campground this summer, and visit it on weekends.

•   When fuel prices rise, RVers adjust by traveling to destinations closer to home, driving fewer miles, and staying longer in one place, according to surveys of RV owners conducted by RVIA and CVENT, a leading provider of online surveys and research technology.

•   More than 80% of RVers say their RV vacations cost less than other forms of vacation, even when fuel prices rise.

•   To save on fuel, RVers typically spend more time enjoying the campground experience and less time on the road. More than 16,000 campgrounds nationwide give RVers the flexibility to save fuel and cut costs by staying closer to home. Whether they travel five miles or 500, they can still enjoy a great outdoor experience.

•   Fuel prices would need to more than double from their current level to make RVing more expensive for a family of four than other forms of travel, according to PKF Consulting. PKF’s spring 2008 vacation cost comparison study shows that RV trips remain the most affordable way for a family to travel because of the significant savings on air, hotel and restaurant costs, which continue to rise.

•    Fluctuating fuel prices affect the cost of all modes of travel and transportation. Airfares and hotel rates rise rapidly when fuel costs increase.

•   Many RV owners surveyed take additional measures to reduce fuel consumption through simple steps like driving 55 instead of 65 miles per hour, packing lighter to reduce weight in the RV, and turning off home utilities to save energy when traveling. RVers travel at a leisurely pace with no tight schedules for flights, hotels or restaurants.


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Camping World is the Exclusive Launch Location for New Coleman Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel RVs

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Camping World is the Exclusive Launch Location for New Coleman Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel RVs


Camping World Official Press Release

November 3, 2009

Camping World is the Exclusive Launch Location for New Coleman Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel RVs

November 3, 2009 (Bowling Green, KY) – Camping World, the nation’s largest camping and outdoor retailer, proudly announced the launch of the new line of affordable towable Coleman® Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheel RVs for the camping enthusiast. The Coleman RVs are being produced byThor Industries, America’s #1 recreational vehicle manufacturer. They are expected to be available in stores by December. The product offering will include several models of: Ultra Lite Travel Trailers, Full Size Travel Trailers and Mid Profile Fifth Wheels. In the U.S., the new towables will be offered exclusively to RV Dealers with Camping World Wholesale and Retail affiliations within defined territories across the United States and Canada.

“The Coleman Company, Inc. has been the leader in outdoor product for over a century. We are excited about the launch of the new towable lines under such a strong brand,” said Marcus Lemonis, Chairman and CEO of Camping World.  “For Camping World, Coleman has been a longstanding and trusted partner with a reputation among our current retail store customers of attention to detail and quality” Lemonis added.

The Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs will be towards camping & outdoor enthusiasts looking for an affordable RV that is built to last. In addition, the Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs will include many of the amenities typically charged by other manufacturers as an upgrade. There are several floor plans and price point options to choose from. The first model is scheduled to come off the assembly line by the end of 2009.

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RV Industry News Updates from RVDA

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Seven things to know about trends in the RV world
Victoria Advocate Share Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Bob and Donna Purdy meandered through the Victoria Community Center, past RVs that boasted everything from outdoor kitchens to bunk beds and flat-screen TVs. With the South Texas RV Show in full swing last weekend, giving current and potential owners a look at what's new in the RV world, the Victoria Advocateprovided readers with seven current trends in RVing. MORE

Analyst says RV deliveries rising
The Associated Press Share Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
A Baird analyst said dealers are ordering more RVs after a big decline in inventories, likely helping sales at RV makers. But, demand from customers -- key to a sustainable rebound -- is still uncertain. Analyst Craig Kennison said in a note last week that Baird surveyed nearly 100 RV dealers. Inventory bottomed in 2009, and Kennison said dealers plan to more than double orders of motorhomes, and to order 51 percent more towables, in the next six months. MORE

Get hitched affordably
St. Petersburg Times Share Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Terry Tomalin, outdoors editor for the St. Petersburg Times, always assumed RVs were for retirees who have put their child-rearing years behind them. But Dave Kelly, marketing director for the Florida RV Trade Association, was determined to prove him wrong. MORE

RV sales projects to rise this year
The Patriot-News Share Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
University of Michigan economist Richard Curtin forecasts that shipments of recreational vehicles to dealers will increase by 27 percent in 2010, reaching a total of 203,500 units shipped. Each passing month brings new evidence of a continued economic recovery in the motorhome sales industry, as well as the rest of the country. MORE


National parks receive $750 million in stimulus money

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WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration celebrated Earth Day on Wednesday by announcing $750 million worth of stimulus-funded projects to improve national parks and monuments.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said, "These projects — at places like Ellis Island in New York and Dinosaur National Monument in Utah — are ready to go and will create jobs in communities across the country."

One of the projects most ballyhooed by the administration is spending $13.1 million to finally demolish condemned portions of the Quarry Visitor Center at Dinosaur and replace them. That center covers a cliff where fossils were carefully quarried and exposed in place for visitors to see.

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